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Get citizens to know your city and public services

Showcase your city services and events. Provide residents and visitors a convenient, branded mobile experience to optimise your attractiveness.

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Engage citizens with a great communication

Become a smart city, closer to your citizens and local business

City event agenda

Organise and share city events instantly, keeping residents informed and engaged with a interactive, up-to-date local agenda.

Personalised communication

Share information to individuals or groups based on interests, ensuring relevant, engaging communication for each user in your network or community.

Push notifications

Instantly share updates, alerts, and reminders to citizens with programmable push notifications. Share events and information with a high engagement rate.

Survey & polls

Get citizens’ opinions through user-friendly surveys and polls, enhancing community engagement and getting you closer to your community.

Engage citizens to discover your city

Share valuable information about services, commerce or activities in real-time without coding skills.

Get closer to citizens

Share key city info: folklore, news, practical guide, public transport schedules.

Promote local shops

Enhance local business visibility by referencing them in app: retailers, artists, artisans, producers, etc.

Encourage recycling

Locate all recycling points in your community on an interactive map: glass, textile, etc.

Bin collection calendar

Cardboard or plastic on Fridays? Share a bin collection agenda available in citizens’ pocket.

Highlight interest points

Direct users to regional highlights with GPS walks, points of interest and guided tours.

Share photos

Share memorable moments of the city and citizens with our integrated gallery feature.

An intuitive centralised platform

Manage shipping, orders, tax, pricing, and statistics in one place for your iOS & Android app.

Collect feedback

Transform your city’s engagement with a customised module for feedback. Enable residents to submit their input through surveys and forms, and analyse this data to make informed, community-aligned enhancements to city services and initiatives.

Whether to report issues, request services, or ask questions, our app centralises citizen requests in one place for city staff. Enable direct communication with residents through our integrated chat module, facilitating instant messaging and enhancing civic engagement.

Plan and showcase your events to the whole community in one place. Integrate a calendar to display various activities, ensuring residents or tourists can easily access and participate in scheduled cultural, social, and sporting events throughout the community.

Broadcast your city events live, offering audio and video streaming directly through the app. This feature allows for a hybrid event experience, widening audience reach and enhancing engagement with both in-person and remote participants.

Add your team members to manage content on your single or multiple apps. Each staff can choose his individual language, perfect for international teams.

Features to optimise your city's content

Team collaboration

Enable team collaboration with simultaneous content updates from multiple team members.

Instant updates

Content you add on the platform gets updated live in your app so users always see the correct info.

Engagement data​

You can see and export your users’ engagement data and see what got people’s interests.

Users import

Easily import user lists for instant communication with participants, skipping manual upload.

Multi-app creation

Create and manage multiple apps from the same interface. You can add different teams to each.

Blog synchro

Sync your WordPress website with Apptree to update your blog content automatically each time you post.

Secure payments

Apptree works with native technologies to ensure the highest standards of security. Payments are as secure as Apple and Google.

Optimised for all devices

Ensure the maximum visibility for every sales channel and device. Apptree automatically adapts the layout to the tablets and phones used

Accessible offline

Make sure users never lose your app information by using our technology. Your content is available even when customers lose their connection.

Our support team by your side

At Apptree, our goal is to make sure you use our platform to its full potential to build an app that suits your needs. Our team of app coaches is at your side to help you build your app.