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Empower your fitness company with more clients

Handle your day-to-day schedule and display training schedules. Give your clients an easy and branded way to engage with your business from their phone.

Free 7-day trial – No credit card required

Tailored features for your programs

Encourage customers to book sessions with you or buy your products

Home training programs

Boost retention with in-app training programs, including videos and quizzes, for users to train at home and stay active on your app.

Session scheduling

Schedule on-premises or live app training sessions. Display for all or reward loyal members with exclusive access.

In-app revenues

Enable in-app payments for fitness sessions, training packs and products you sell in-app with our optimised ordering process to boost your revenues.

Push notifications

Keep your users engaged with customisable and programmable push notifications to increase sales or re-engage your inactive users.

Scale your reach & engagement

Communicate with trainees and keep them updated on your activity

Optimise session bookings

Effortlessly schedule fitness sessions and allow users to book and pay in one click.

List your services

Display your activities in your shop with pictures and infos, classified in categories.

Interactive location maps

Integrate interactive map to easily guide users to your training locations with updates.

Boost your revenues

Send messages to users or give them in-app rewards based on their activity on the app.

Manage your team

Add your team members to manage your apps’ content and activity from our centralised platform.

Share news instantly

Use your in-app blog to share news and alert all or groups of users of your latest news

An intuitive centralised platform

Manage shipping, orders, tax, pricing, and statistics in one place for your iOS & Android app.


Access all your sales statistics to monitor your growth and turnover, as well as your users based on their phone usage. It enables you to deliver an even better experience to your target market.

Add advertisement banners of your partners and sponsors to monetise your app and increase brand visibility. Send push notification to your users to market your new sessions, activities or a products. You can also re-engage inactive users automatically.

Track precisely how many users participate to each training session or activity and adapt your content to the highest demand for increased retention and revenues. You can also add completion buttons and tests in your page content to track if people follow their home workout.

Easily schedule and display all your different trainings in your app content for users to follow a linear workout, nutrition or training plan. You can also display each activity in your in-app agenda so users can participate to your fitness, wellness or sports scheduled sessions.

Manage your product information, price, images and variants. Add, remove or hide your products as you please in shop. You also have the possibility to make your products only visible to certain groups of users, either to run tests and collect date or to reward them for their loyalty.

Manage multiple clubs, locations & trainers

Sign up to an agency account to create and manage multiple mobile applications from the same interface. You can create app for each of your gyms or clubs or coach. You can also publish apps separately on stores or in one centralised app.

Manage multiple apps

1 app for each unit or coach

One single platform

Publish separately

Features for your fitness activity

Videos & lives

Add videos or live videos to illustrate each training session and increase engagement from trainees at home.

App & website synchro

Sync your WordPress website with Apptree to update your blog content automatically each time you post.


Ease user experience as users save the content and trainings they love in their list of favourites.

Users import

Easily import user lists for instant communication with customers, skipping manual upload.


Gather customer feedback through surveys to improve services and tailor your offerings.

Affiliate products

Embed affiliate links with the products in your in-app store to earn revenues without commission.

Secure payments

Apptree works with native technologies to ensure the highest standards of security. Payments are as secure as Apple and Google.

Optimised for all devices

Ensure the maximum visibility for every sales channel and device. Apptree automatically adapts the layout to the tablets and phones used

Accessible offline

Make sure users never lose your shop insight by using our technology. Your shop is available even when customers lose their connection.

Our support team by your side

At Apptree, our goal is to make sure you use our platform to its full potential to build an app that suits your needs. Our team of app coaches is at your side to help you build your app.