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Maximise your events' attendance and engagement

Manage all participants and events from one centralised and intuitive platform. Create agendas and information pages to boost attendees’ experience.

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Highlight events, stay in attendees pockets!

Mobile event app provides organisers a great communication tool with participants


Streamline event access with a rapid ticketing solutions: easy in-app purchase, digital delivery, and quick check-in for a smooth attendee experience.

Line-ups & Favourites

Allow attendees to pin their favorite artists or events and to receive a push notification minutes before their event starts!

Sponsors & partners

Display sponsors and ads in different formats on each page to target groups of or all attendees. Integrate quizzes, competitions, and special offers from partners.

Event map

Integrate interactive maps to easily guide attendees and participants throughout your events and premises, even when they are offline

An efficient approach to boost your events

Make life easier for users and create recurring satisfied participants

Geofencing notifications

Engage users with notifications for sessions, concerts sponsors, and updates based on their location.


Simplify life for staff and attendees with in-app ticketing, drink orders, and payments centralised.


Locate partners on interactive maps and enhance content with contests, special offers, and more.

Connect & Matchmaking

Facilitate networking: attendees connect and match to foster connection and collaborations.

Event program

List your program for participants to discover all activities, pin their favorite ones and get notified.

Audio & video

Boost retention by sharing event photos, videos and audios of the event.

An intuitive centralised platform

Manage shipping, orders, tax, pricing, and statistics in one place for your iOS & Android app.


Access all your sales statistics to monitor your growth and turnover, as well as your users based on their phone usage. It enables you to deliver an even better experience to your target market.

Use your app as a feedback hub to enhance and refine your events. Let attendees fill up forms & surveys with field types to gather valuable insights. Easily export collected data in .csv format for comprehensive analysis to ensure continuous improvement based on representative audience feedback.

Wether it is to order, request cleaning services, book a taxi or simply to ask you a questions, our modules enable guests to simply press a button to send you requests centralised in one place for your staff. You can also enable our chat module to send instant messages to your guests.

Easily schedule and display all your different shows, events, sessions in your app content for users to engage. You can also display each activity in your in-app agenda so users can participate to your networking, music or sports scheduled events.

Add your team members to manage content on your single or multiple apps. Each staff can choose his individual language, perfect for international teams.

Manage multiple events, sessions & presentations

Sign up to an agency account to create and manage multiple mobile applications from the same interface. You can create an app for each of your events or venues or each speaker/artist in your network. You can also publish apps separately on stores or in one centralised app.

Manage multiple apps

1 app for each event

One single platform

Publish separately

Features to easily manage your content

Engagement data

You can see and export your users’ engagement reports based on their app activity.

Instant updates

Content from our platform gets updated live in your app so users always see the correct info.


Ease user experience as users save the events and participants they love in their list of favourites.

Users import

Easily import user lists for instant communication with participants, skipping manual upload.

News & alerts

Share the latest news of your events and alerts in your in-app feed to inform users rapidly.

Blog synchro

Sync your WordPress website with Apptree to update your blog content automatically each time you post.

Secure payments

Apptree works with native technologies to ensure the highest standards of security. Payments are as secure as Apple and Google.

Optimised for all devices

Ensure the maximum visibility for every sales channel and device. Apptree automatically adapts the layout to the tablets and phones used

Accessible offline

Make sure users never lose your app information by using our technology. Your content is available even when customers lose their connection.

Our support team by your side

At Apptree, our goal is to make sure you use our platform to its full potential to build an app that suits your needs. Our team of app coaches is at your side to help you build your app.