Streamline operations and improve communications

Streamline processes, engage customers, reinforce human resources, and drive growth through your enterprise app. Tailored solutions designed to optimise internal performances.

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Connect your company with employees

Mobile enterprise app provides organisers a great communication tool with participants

Project assignment

Manage and assign tasks and projects within your team, for individual collaborators or entire groups to enhance operation processes.

Agenda & news

Communication is available in everyone’s pocket! Keep your teams informed and on schedule with our integrated event agenda and news feed.

Employees & project directory

All collaborators and projects can be listed in the app. Easily obtain everyone’s contact details to improve fast communication and see what they are working on.

Centralised meeting notes

Integrate meeting notes or project information directly from the platform for everyone to obtain information in no time. Share access to groups or individual employees.

Centralise tasks and communications in your own app

Share information on the platform in line with your employees’ habits

Instant content update

The content you add from the Apptree platform is instantly updated to your app.

Reminder notifications

Users get a reminder based on their meetings, projects, events or their location if enabled.

Provide employee training

Distribute and assign in-app training courses about your new tools, processes or to leverage new skills.

Share company news

Easily share info, announcements, photos, birthday reminders, and much more, available 24/7.

Get people’s opinion

Listen to your collaborators and their well-being by sharing surveys, polls, or idea brainstorming.

Facilitate employees’ life

Let users order and pick up their food directly from the app to make their life easier.

An intuitive centralised platform

Manage projects, employees, infos, meetings, and invoices in one place on iOS & Android phones

Analytics dashboard

Monitor organizational growth, employee engagement, and app usage with our analytics dashboard. Tailor your internal apps to enhance productivity and user experience based on real-time data.

Enhance enterprise efficiency by sharing documents and notes in-app, featuring centralised storage, version control, and access management. Easily attach, share, and manage documents, audio, images, and videos.

Organize and display all ongoing projects and tasks within your app. Enhance team collaboration with a shared in-app agenda, ensuring everyone stays informed about deadlines and updates.

Accommodate diverse teams by offering multilingual options, allowing each team member to manage content and communicate in their preferred language. This feature supports inclusivity and improves the efficiency of international operations.

Add your team members to manage content on your single or multiple apps. Each staff can choose his individual language, perfect for international teams.

Manage multiple apps for different business purposes

Sign up to an agency account to create and manage multiple mobile applications from the same interface. You can create an app for each of your business departments, like HR, sales or marketing or for each branch of your company. You can also publish apps separately on stores or in one centralised app.

Manage multiple apps

1 app for each purpose

One single platform

Publish separately

Features to easily manage your content

Public/private content

Choose between public or private content settings to control visibility and access.

GDPR compliant

Our system ensures data protection with GDPR and CCPA compliance for user privacy and security.

Offline access

Essential app features, like reporting, remain operational  without needing an internet connection.

Users import

Easily import user lists for instant communication with participants, skipping manual upload.

Push notifications

Engage users instantly with targeted push notifications for updates and alerts.


Facilitate communication with direct messaging features for personalized user interactions

Secure payments

Apptree works with native technologies to ensure the highest standards of security. Payments are as secure as Apple and Google.

Optimised for all devices

Ensure the maximum visibility for every sales channel and device. Apptree automatically adapts the layout to the tablets and phones used

Accessible offline

Make sure users never lose your app information by using our technology. Your content is available even when customers lose their connection.

Our support team by your side

At Apptree, our goal is to make sure you use our platform to its full potential to build an app that suits your needs. Our team of app coaches is at your side to help you build your app.